Assessment and therapy services are available for speech, language, swallowing, fluency and social communication. The services extend from the clinic to school and aged care facilities.

We provide the following services:

Individual Speech and language assessment and therapy

  • The assessments vary between one hour and one and a half hour depending on the child's or the adult's specific needs. It includes an interview to obtain background information and then a standardised or informal assessment. A summary report is then written and provided to the parents/ carers.

  • Therapy sessions are weekly, usually half an hour, but can be extended to an hour if required. Fortnightly sessions are also available.

School based assessments and therapy

  • School based individual assessments and individual therapy are can be requested by the school or parents (after discussion with the teaching staff).

Preschool screenings

  • Speech and language screenings are conducted at daycare and preschool centers. Short screening reports are also provided.


A brief summary report is included with all assessments and reviews. A comprehensive report can also be requested (at an additional cost).


Meetings with child care educators, preschool or school teachers and other Allied Health professionals can be arranged.

Communication and Swallowing assessments in aged care:

We provide the following services to aged-care facilities:

  • Individual Dysphagia (swallowing) assessment and management

  • Individual Communication assessment and therapy

  • Staff training (in-service)